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Office Telphone Systems: PhoneTreeWhether your organization is large or small,
non-profit or Fortune 500, one thing is clear: Communication is the key to your success. Over 60,000 healthcare professionals, churches and religious groups, schools,
businesses, government and other agencies
have all chosen PhoneTree. PhoneTree is compatible with Avaya IP Office, an office telphone system available through Prime Line, helping you communicate quickly and effeciently with small and large groups of people.   

Religious Messaging Tailored to Your Needs

For years, churches all over the country have entrusted PhoneTree to deliver their important messages from choir practice reminders and funeral notifications to weather-related schedule changes, prayer chains, capital campaigns and much more.

Whether your church has a membership of 300 or 30,000, PhoneTree's VoiceWave™ automated messaging solutions can save you and your staff valuable time and resources while encouraging member involvement.

Diversify Business Communications with Messaging Designed for You

Since 1989, PhoneTree has been working with non-profit organizations and businesses of all types to provide the
best in phone messaging software and services.

 PhoneTree has the years of experience and reliable phone technology to help keep you connected with your clients or staff through any combination of voice, email and/or text messaging mediums. With thousands of satisfied customers, you can rest assured we'll do all we can to address any and
all of your messaging needs.

Convenient and Complete 
Patient Messaging

Your patients have come to expect a certain level of care, but how do you address that same expectation outside of the office? Whether you need to let your patients know about appointments, important reminders, recalls, past-due balances, new services or lab results - PhoneTree can deliver your messages.

 By evaluating your patient load, message needs and preferences, we will help you decide on the right solution specific to your desired outcomes. This is why we offer the choice between desktop and hosted solutions – assuring you that the option you select will be the best for your practice. Once you see the savings or revenue that we can produce for you, you will know PhoneTree is the cost-effective solution for your practice no matter the size or messaging application.

Great PhoneTree Options

VoiceWave, VoiceWave Plus, and VoiceWave Premium, are automated messaging solutions, offering many advanced features with multiple line flexibility. It’s simple to use, easy to install and compatible with most software programs, making for trouble-free integration of your existing data. Enjoy the benefits of generating twice the productivity in half the time it would typically take to manually call everyone on your list. Simply enter or import your data, record your message, click and send. Or, use the Call Wizard to customize your calling options step-by-step. You can also access detailed call reports showing how each call was received. Busy signals, hang-ups, answering machines, or no answers, let the Phone Tree VoiceWave family of solutions navigate your calls.

PhoneTree System Features for all VoiceWave solutions:

  • Unlimited list capacity
  • One-time investement/no per-call fees
  • Compatible with most software programs
  • Voice prompted remote access
  • Multiple calls per hour/per line
  • Customized dates/times and message frequency
  • Call Wizard (guided message creation)
  • Separate answering machine messages
  • Touch-tone reply prompts on surveys
  • Call result reporting
  • Advanced dialing options
  • Duplicate name/number screening
  • Message playback capability
  • Blocked number screening
  • Pre-installed mail boxes

PhoneTree Additional features included with VoiceWave Plus

  • FreeText option
  • Simultaneous messaging (voice, email, text)
  • Multi-lingual versatility
  • Accessible from the network

PhoneTree Additional features included with VoiceWave Premium

  • Customized messages
  • Configured flex fields
  • Text-to-speech conversion
  • Alternate contact numbers
  • FreeText option
  • Simultaneous messaging (voice, email, text)
  • Multi-lingual versatility
  • Accessible from the network

Are you spending too much time delivering important phone messages to large groups of people?  Contact Prime Line Communications to see how you can benefit from PhoneTree.  Remember to view our other office telephone systems including Avaya IP Office.