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Call SWEET! Call Accounting

Call Sweet: Call ReportingAre you looking for an innovative Call Accounting solution to increase productivity and lower costs?  Call SWEET! is your total communications solution for Avaya IP Office! Call SWEET!’s feature-rich qualities makes it the preferred choice of businesses, small and large, for call reporting and monitoring of your Avaya IP Office or Avaya IP Office Essential Edition solution.


As a web-based application, Call SWEET! can be accessed from anywhere network access is available. Check your Avaya IP Office reports from the office, home, coffee shop… you name it!

Security Roles

Comprehensive security permissions ensure that your office telephone system data is safe and secure. Supervisors may limit or expand user and group access to the degree desired.

Alarms and Alerts

Alarming and alerting functionality includes no-data alarm, outbound dialed number screening, duration alarms, cost alarms and more.


The key feature of Call SWEET! is its extensive reporting capabilities. Equipped with a vast array of text and graphical reports, Call SWEET! allows you to easily group, sort, filter, summarize and chart your Avaya IP Office data, as well as export into Excel and PDF formats. With both detail and summary reports to choose from, you are guaranteed to have access to the data you need. Drill-down capabilities and graphical representations allow you to effortlessly grasp what is really happening with your office telephone system on a real-time basis. Reports can be scheduled to run at the time you need them – daily, weekly, monthly or one-time only – with the option to send to e-mail or store electronically. Report distribution has never been easier!

SWEET! Benefits

  • Outbound, inbound & inter-office call details
  • Budget & allocate phone expenses
  • Improve sales productivity
  • Reconcile bills from carriers
  • Optimize long distance & local exchange facilities
  • Identify unused trunks & extensions
  • Stop telephone abuse & misuse
  • Monitor unauthorized use
  • Bill clients or tenants for calls using account & authorization codes

SWEET! Features

  • Web-enabled product
  • Graphical reports with drill-down capabilities
  • Automated report scheduling
  • Integrates with Billing Systems, Accounting Systems and more
  • Customizable call pricing, facilitating all possible pricing algorithms
  • Manage and maintain telecommunications inventory

Download the Call SWEET! 7 brochure for more information on call accounting.

Call SWEET! Live Contact Center Monitoring

We are changing the way people think about call centers!

An agent is no longer assigned to just one job in fast-paced businesses. We all wear multiple hats and help in various areas – whether it is customer support and sales or administration and technical support. Call SWEET! Live recognizes this need and enables agents to be part of multiple hunt groups. There is also no limit on the amount of hunt groups your business can have, how specific or broad you want to be is up to you!


Widgets comprise the electronic building blocks of Call SWEET! Live. Equipped with real-time elements, Widgets measure and report on the status of every agent, hunt group and more!
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Alarms & Alerts

Expressed graphically, audibly and through e-mail, alarms and alerts notify when user-defined service level values are out of range. They monitor the speed of answer in addition to the handle time required to complete the call.
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Equipped with a vast array of reports, Call SWEET! Live and Call SWEET! allows you to group, sort, filter, summarize, and chart data as well as export for offline viewing.
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Call Resolution Codes (Call Tagging)

Have you ever wanted your agents to “tag” a call with a specific code?  This feature could help you to understand the types of calls your agents are fielding or what products are making the most impact with your target market.
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Built into Call SWEET! Live is our Wallboard functionality.  This feature gives you the ability to create your own tabs within the Widgets and design specific views for your contact center.
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Agent Widget

Do you need a compact, real-time, view to present information to your agents without being too obstructive on their desktop?  Our Agent Widget solves this problem and is loaded with features to get your Contact Center humming.
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Now agents can ask their supervisor questions without putting their customer on hold, or needing to call them back! Chat puts your employees in touch with their best resource- each other!
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Contact Prime Line Communications for more information about Call SWEET! and how it works with Avaya IP Office.