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Avaya Partner ACS: Avaya PhonesPrime Line offers a variety of Avaya office telephone systems including Avaya IP Office, Avaya IP Office Essential Edition, and Avaya Partner ACS.

Enabling greater productivity across your business – without adding people or substantially increasing costs – is an imperative every small business must embrace to stay ahead of competitors and in front of its customers. Productivity improvements help keep businesses lean, while driving greater customer service and in turn, more revenue. One office telephone system has helped over one million small businesses do all that and more: the Avaya PARTNER® Advanced Communications System.

Avaya Partner ACS Benefits

Avaya PARTNER ACS delivers what small and growing businesses need most from an office telephone system in today’s competitive environment.
  • Smart call coverage that makes it fast and easy for customers to reach you.
  • Advanced messaging and mobility applications to keep everyone connected wherever they may be.
  • Stylish and durable phones to impress your customers for years to come.
  • The ability to connect to a wide range of accessories to improve your business processes.

The very affordable Avaya PARTNER ACS office telphone system does all that and more by helping to drive revenue increases through greater customer service and enhanced productivity. With its AT&T heritage and million-plus customers, Avaya PARTNER ACS is an office telephone system that’s proven to fit your budget and your business goalsAvaya IP Office and Avaya IP Office Essential Edition are other office telephone systems availble to meet ever changing business needs.

Avaya Partner ACS Capabilities

Avaya Partne ACS | Avaya PhonesA great office telephone system does more than just keep you connected to each other and your customers. It helps your business operate like a well-oiled machine. Keeps customers coming back for more. And ultimately, helps grow revenue in ways you may never have imagined. Avaya PARTNER ACS delivers surprisingly sophisticated capabilities every small and growing business needs to give itself an edge in today’s highly competitive environment. And it does it all with a simplicity that busy small businesses have appreciated for decades.

Avaya Partner ACS: Connect Quickly and Efficiently

Connect to the right person as quickly as possible, wherever they are. That’s what you want, and that’s precisely what Avaya PARTNER ACS delivers. Have a receptionist? Avaya PARTNER ACS lets operators pick up, transfer and monitor status of calls with ease. They can see who’s on the phone and who’s not, to reduce wait times and help ensure great service. Let callers dial any extension directly, and since ring tones can be customized, your employees know when it’s their phone ringing. And with caller ID built right in (no need to buy a separate caller ID device).  Increase efficiency with Avaya PARTNER ACS. Built-in automated attendants let you deliver information to customers (especially repetitive questions such as directions and store hours) and make sure calls get where they need to be fast.  Day and night attendant settings help ensure every call is handled professionally.You never know when an important call will come in, so you need a phone system that keeps you connected wherever you are.

Avaya Partner ACS: Stay Connected and Productive

Avaya PARTNER ACS office telephone system offers sophisticated capabilities that let you be “in” even when you’re “out”. Calls to your desk phone can ring simultaneously on your cell or home phone. Waiting for an important client call, but you’re in transit? With Avaya PARTNER ACS, you are virtually in the office. Customers will appreciate your accessibility and responsiveness, and you will be more productive. Can your competitors do that?

When new voice messages come in, you can automatically be notified on your cell or home phone. And you can pick up the messages during the same call. You can even have voice messages sent to you via email to your PC or smart device. Now that’s productivity. Down the hall or out in the warehouse? Grab an Avaya PARTNER wireless phone and roam far and wide with the confidence you’ll be there for customers and colleagues alike. Make faster decisions. Delight your customers. Build your business.

Avaya Partner ACS: Designed for Growth

Avaya Partner ACSYour business may be small today but as you grow you will need the right office telephone system to grow with you.  With Avaya PARTNER ACS you can:

  • start with just two extensions and expand up to 48
  • begin with a single line and grow to 31
  • increase your messaging capacity and features as needed
  • Easily add fax machines, single-line cordless phones, credit card machines, wireless headsets, contact closures, and more. No special equipment required.

Avaya Partner ACS: Other Features

  • Best phones in the business. Sleek and stylish, durable and easy to use, Avaya PARTNER ACS phones are second to none. Choose from 6-, 18- and 34-button desk phones and a wireless model.
  • No power? No problem. Make and receive calls in a power outage with two Power Failure Transfer ports. And the built-in battery back up means all your system programming remains.
  • Built-in five-party conferencing lets you set up conference calls on the fly. Stop paying service provider conferencing fees.
  • Provide callers on hold with a sales message to help boost revenue. Attach any standard music source: radio, CD player, MP3 player.
  • Choose to connect your Avaya PARTNER system via analog lines, a T1, or newer IP-base technologies such as SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking that can provide significant cost saving.

Contact Prime Line Communications for more information about Avaya Partner ACS or to inquire about other office telephone systems, Polycom video conferencing and LifeSize video conferencing.