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Video Conferencing FAQs

Below are questions about video conferencing that we are frequently asked.  Use them as a resource for answers to some of your video conferencing questions or visit our pages about Polycom video conferencing and LifeSize video conferencing.

1.  Is video conferencing expensive?
NO! In fact, solutions begin at only $49 per user for desktop licenses and room systems can be as low as $2,499.

2.  Does video conferencing use a ton of bandwidth and won’t it slow down my network? 
NO! With newer technology, we can have a full HD video calls with very low bandwidth requirements. 

3.  Can I just use Skype to communicate over video?
Yes, you can use Skype for video calls. However, Skype is more of a personal use based product, and does not have the business class quality necessary for most business operations.

4.  Will Skype integrate with my video conferencing system?
Yes, there are business class products that can be connected to a Skype video call. 

5.  Are video calls secure?
Yes, video conferencing uses the latest AES encryption to ensure calls are secure.

6.  Will my video conferencing equipment allow me to connect to my customer’s video conferencing equipment?
Yes, as long as both systems are built based on open-standards based technology, you can connect to your customer even though they are on a separate network.

7.  Can I show my Power Point (or Excel, Word, or CAD document) on the video call?
Yes! Today’s video conferencing systems allow you to show not only the people in the video call, but also any type of content you want to include, such as Power Point presentations, Excel document, Word documents, CAD drawings, etc.

8.  Can my traveling sales person connect in to our weekly scheduled video conference sales meeting using his cell phone if he is on the road?
Yes! We have the ability to add an audio-only participant to a video conference if he is unavailable to join via video.

9.  Do I still have to call people on the phone to talk with them on a video call?
No, we utilize high definition audio through the video conferencing system that allows for crisp, clear communications without having to dial through the telephone system, thus eliminating long distance call charges.

10. Can I use more than one display in a video conferencing session?
Yes, you can use multiple monitors to display video. In fact, many companies today are using dual monitors for situations where they show a lot of content in their meetings. They set up the system to show the people on one screen and the content on the second screen.

11.  Does video conferencing put a huge strain on my IT staff?
No, after the initial set-up, managing the video conferencing system is simple. All changes can be done on the unit itself using the remote control, and also via the web interface if it is connected to the LAN using IP dialing. Systems can also be accessed remotely via the web interface which allows an IT staff to manage the system without having to travel to and from locations.

12.  Can I record and play back a video conference meeting?
Yes, we have the technology to record and playback video conferences. We can also live stream a video conference via the web, so that a number of participants can view a video conference or company meeting even if they don’t need to be an active participant in the video call.

13.  How can video conferencing help my company's “Go Green” initiative?
We can help reduce your carbon footprint by implementing a video conferencing solution. We can cut down on printed material by showing content in a video call, as well as reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the need for travel.

14.  How can I improve the quality of my work using video conferencing?
Multiple video sources such as a PC, cameras, document cameras, and DVD players can be connected to a video conferencing solution. These will allow for better collaboration on projects and more effective meetings where things get done quicker and your time to market is shortened. This allows you to recognize revenues sooner and you’ll see an immediate investment return. In many cases, you can achieve ROI in as little as one month!

15.  How can video conferencing impact my travel budget?
The need for travel is reduced greatly thus resulting in savings in both time and money to your bottom line. Whether you are traveling for interviews, or to discuss manufacturing details with a supplier, video conferencing can eliminate the need for costly travel. This can also speed your time to market, allowing you to generate revenue quicker and increase your profitability!

16.  How do I know what type of video conferencing solution is best for my business?
Consult with Prime Line to help you decide which solution will work best for your business. Prime Line designs solutions for customers that fit their specific business needs. There is no cookie-cutter solution that fits every business. Prime Line will have a discussion with you to make sure we understand your business challenges and then we will put together a solution that meets your needs.