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Training is one of the most important elements of a new technology system implementation including Avaya IP OfficeAvaya IP Office Essential Edition, Avaya Partner ACS, Polycom phones, Polycom video conferencing, and LifeSize video conferencing.  In order to make sure that you are receiving the most return on your office telephone system or video conferencing investment, it is important that your staff is fully trained to use the tools that are being provided to them. With proper training your staff can take advantage of all the features your technology solution has to offer. Your customers and clients will be served better and faster, creating a great overall experience and future repeat business. Prime Line has identified several key areas that make our training experience truly unique. Dedicated full time trainers, optional training facilities, “hands on” training, and administrator training are all key pieces to the overall learning experience.

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Training & Implementation

Full Time Trainer…Not a Technician

Prime Line has a full time office telephone system and video conferencing trainer to make sure that knowledge transfer is successful. While your office telephone system or video conferencing system is being implemented, training can be conducted simultaneously. This allows all users to be fully trained before they go live on the new solution. It also allows for a true trainer to train your staff……not a technician. Technicians focus on installing while the trainer focuses on training.

Your Place or Ours

Do you feel like training in your office may be a distraction for your staff? No problem. If you would like to get users out of their typical work environment to be trained, we also offer training at our state of the art facility. Schedule training at your office or at our facility, we want to foster the best possible environment for your staff to learn.

“Hands On” Approach

The environment is a very critical aspect of “hands on” training. Hands on training allows each user to experience the technology solution up close and personal whether it is an office telephone system such as Avaya IP Office solution, Polycom phones solution, or video conferencing solution. How to transfer a call, how to record a voicemail greeting, how to show content on a video call….these are all things that are taught on a live, working system. No boring power point presentations that put everyone to sleep. With hands on training, your staff will become comfortable with the technology solution before they are placed into a real world environment.

Do It Yourself Administrative Training

Staff training is obviously important so that everyone knows how to utilize the technology. Administrative training is equally important to those who would like to handle all internal moves, adds, and changes in the technology solution. Prime Line includes administrative training with all new technology implementations. We train you “how to” be self sufficient at administering your solution. Easy to use, browser based, graphical user interfaces make it easy to learn how to administer your solution. It is as easy as point and click, drag and drop, copy and paste. If you do not wish to train anyone as the local system administrator, Prime Line will be happy to provide its TEK Care unlimited remote support service.

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